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The Child & Youth Arts Education Center’ in the Northeast Region and

‘Gangbuk-gu Comprehensive Sports Center’

Mia-Dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea - 2018


The site is located on the edge of newly built high-rise residential blocks and the small scale city fabric. The intricate and sensitive context of the new building generated the central questions underpinning the design: How to create a dialogue between two? How to respect and preserve the area while experiencing a persuasive presence of huge developments on the background. How to form new links in the district and bring healthy coherence to the institution itself.

The project emerges from the idea of creating a green amphitheater accommodating two distinct programmes on a triangular site. An open garden which acts like a terraced amphitheater for viewing the city panorama. In addition, the elevated landscape has a characteristic setting, which is that it preserves the original land surface silhouette, where the roof acts like a fifth facade and a garden at the same time.

The building underlines and uses the possibility of existing sloped relief which naturally acts like a terraced park-garden forming the views towards the Bakhusan National Park west, Ohpae Monuntain and the Dream Forest Park to the East.

Volume creates intimate interior and exterior green roofs. A perimeter block that morphs into a small scale curvy shapes to downscale the urban appearance. From the streets, the building appears as a richly detailed wall full of voids – while representing terraced garden from city skyline.

The enclosure of the perimeter wall creates a safe and pleasant environment for the kids and visitors.  We offer maximum privacy while allowing them a closeness and continuity of space, organized around a garden, like a cloister of the city.



Team - Ivane Ksnelashvili, Petras Išora, Dominykas Daunys,
David Tsanava, Ona Lozuraitytė

Local Architect Consultant - Zabel and Partner

Status: Competition

Type: Cultural and Sports facilities.

Youth Center, Education, Administration, Performance,
Exhibition, Sport facilities, Swimming Pool, Cafeterias, Roof terraces.

Location: Mia-Dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Client: The Seoul Metropolitan Government

Area: 8100 sqm

Budget:18mil eur