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The Golden Colonnade: Street Art Festival 13' (VSAF 13)

Vilnius Town Hall,  Didzioji g. 31 
Vilnius, Lithuania (2013)

The Golden Colonnade

Wanting to expose and rejuvenate public spaces typically overlooked by the public, ‘The Golden Colonnade’ by upperstudio is an art installation that features a reflective golden column, created for the ‘vilnius street art festival ’13’ in Lithuania organized by Ula Ambrasaite and Ausra Trakselyte, the piece explores the trans-formative possibilities of applying a reflective material to one out of six of vilnius’ town hall columns.

Structure was firstly covered in a plastic layer for protection and then wrapped in luminous golden paper – highlighting the monument’s historical importance. gold is a precious metal that is mainly used for decoration, and is often associated with rare and beautiful objects to show their significance. offering a sense of mystery to the building, the application of the gold to its exterior is not a structural element, but acts as an adornment enhancing the overall appearance. in addition to changing the visual aesthetics, the golden colonnade seeks to expose the potential shifts in attitude and behavior of the public towards the monument.


Authors: Ivane Ksnelashvili, Sebastiano Maiolino
Photography: Giedrius Mamavicius, Ivane Ksnelashvili

Special thanks: Ula Ambrasaitė, Rocco Poiago, Nikoloz Lomidze, Davit Kiziria, Povilas Ambrasas

Status: Temporary Installation
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania