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Rosehip Gardens

2nd Prize Winner at DOMUS Invited Competition
Tbilisi, Georgia

Urban Context

Rosehip Gardens is a residential complex in the western part of Tbilisi, one of the city’s most peaceful areas, in the vicinity of the neighbourhood of Bagebi. Located on a plateau on land formerly occupied by the mosaics factory, the site is surrounded by nature and offers fantastic views over the wild mountains to the south, as well as views over the city to the east and north. The area is surrounded by rosehip bushes, from which the project name is derived.


An imaginary village of scattered buildings across the plot unite on top of each other in a chess-like pattern on the edge of the plateau. They follow the relief of the land and adjust to the current topography, creating a garden in the middle. This transformation creates a hybrid between collective and individual housing. As a result, the building has the quality of a single-family house (independence, privacy and individual exterior spaces) and reduces environmental impact (minimises building footprint, visual and atmospheric pollution; and restores the green zone).

The proposed building takes advantage of its two-sided qualities. Shifting of the modules deconstructs the perimeter block into rhythmical openings, introducing individual winter gardens and terraces for the residents to enjoy. These voids opening views to the mountains and bringing more light into the garden.


Openness, privacy and a strong connection with nature are the main elements of the building. The program consists of different types of apartment, varying from 100 sq. m studio apartments to 400 sq. m non-standard duplex apartments. The apartments are designed to harmonise with the climate in Tbilisi, with most apartments having access to private terraces or winter gardens. Apartments located in the southern parts of the building benefit from three façades and views of both the mountains and the inner gardens.  A communal centre, gym and outdoor rooftop swimming pool are all located in the eastern part of the building for the convenience of its residents.


Preserving existing eco-system features is the main goal in the landscape design of Rosehip Gardens. The chosen positioning of the program allows 98% of the existing big trees to be retained and creates a spacious inner garden (15 000 sq.m). New trees and bushes complement the current palette of the landscape and form a dense habitat of trails. A route for pedestrians and cyclists divides the park into several sub-zones to accommodate various activities. It becomes an ideal space in which to meet, take part in sports and enjoy nature.


Architects: Ivane Ksnelashvili, Anastasija Nikitina, Giorgi Nishnianidze
Landscape Design: ISTHMUS Group

Status: 2nd prize winner
Type: Residential Complex
Project year: 2020 
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Client: DOMUS Development