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S. Lozoraitis Residential Complex

S. Lozoraitis Street
Vilnius, Lithuania


The site is located on outskirts of Vilnius, one of the heighest poits of the city which enfolds the perimeter of the Rokantiskes hill.  The housing quarter silhouette is defined by the Rokantiskiu hill‘s topography, where the mountain is the main characteristic element dictating the layout of the components.  The urbanistic formation of the buildings is grouped into two zones: Low and High - Northern houses are the lowest which contain 1.5 floor, orientating towards the existing forest. Southern part contains houses which are higher (two floors) and their views direct into the current green hill.

Terracing principle is introduced in each house cancidering the silhouette, plan and the Section. The terraced first floor levels enhance the confluency between the interior and forest environment which creates open and organic interior and exterior. Multi-faceted volumes brake down the scale of the villas, highlighting a free pavillion like layout and helps to customize each compact volume to the need of different individual (plots) within an unified principle.

The facades of the houses are unified – resembling the textures of earth layers (startigraphy) with nuanced differences covered in pigmented parget and earth mixture finnish.

Each houses contain the central core, all other functions are designed around it – taking into account each individual plot specifics. The middle core works as structural and programatic element. Dark utilities are positioned in the center of the core or in the cellar. In consequence the perimeter of each house forms a transparent volume and elevated terrace effect. The floor is terraced in various ways adopting to the individual need of each house owner and the site.


A suggested pedestrian path is joining the hill of Rokantiskes and the regional park of Pavilniai. Existing trees are preserved to maximum and the territory is enclosed with a barier of hedges and a fence, individual plots are separated with low green hedges. Planting inside the plots is suggested in consideration to the natural vegetation around it.


In collaboration with KILD

Architects: Dominykas Daunys, Petras Isora, Ivane Ksnelashvili, Ona Lozuraityte

Structure: Baltic Engineers

Status: Competition (Shortlisted)
Type: Residential
Location: S. Lozoraitis Street, Vilnius, Lithuania
Area: 14 villas (300 sq. m each)