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Cubic Tower

Batumi, Georgia (2013)

The site

The site is located adjacent to the old Batumi and serves as one of the access points between the harbour and the city. The surrounding area is mostly residential with some hotels and public recreational zones. The site is overlooking the harbour and opens views to 360 degrees.

The concept behind this buliding is the notion of a vertical street, including open public spaces which act like gardens or courtyards along a lateral street. However, the vertical street has one advantage over the ground-level street, which is its vantage point. Each terrace overlooks a different part of the city and is programmed for different types of entertainment - a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a spa, a pool and a sky park on the roof. The buliding is divided into four distinct volumes. 

By simple shifts of these volumes we open up a certain space on top of each volume creating recreational platforms for the public as if reclaiming the site area. The area of the site is equal to the total gained roof terrace area.

The density and mixture of programme of the proposed building has emerged based on a number of considerations:

• Primarily, the desire to bring different aspects of urban life to a residential area.
In other words, to provide open elevated platforms for enjoying panoramic views of the city.

• A focus has been given to introducing mixed-programme  platforms on different levels of the building.
There are no existing viewing platforms for public use in the old city area.  
The inclusion of elevated platforms in the building will define  its uniqueness and importance in Leeds.

• The programme mixture has been driven by a comprehensive feasibility study and market assessment in which various asset classes were analysed.
The relative opportunities for each  component of programme resulted in an optimal development mix to meet possible public needs.

• 21 levels of building programme have been introduced to maximaze the use of land and budget.


In collaboration with Architects of Invention

Team: Niko Japaridze, Gogiko Sakvarelidze, Chris Smith, Alex Khasaia, Ivane Ksnelashvili, Dato Canava, Eka Kankava, Nika Maisuradze, PM Devi Kituashvili

Consultants: Engenuiti

Status: Concept Proposal
Location: 7 Kutaisi str. Batumi, Georgia       
Programme: Hotel, Restaurant and Casino
Budget: $16M
Size: 6,500 sq.m